April 05, 2018

Can I Trust You My Friend

My Dear Beloved Friend,
Greetings. Please let this not sound strange to you because I am not asking you of money, for my only surviving lawyer who would have done this died early this year. I prayed and got your email address from your country's guest book which I have been with my late husband and I wish to visit once more if God will in his infinite mercies grant me. In function of your good profile, I want to solicit your assistance in the discharge of my will. I am Mrs. Susan Read from London and am aged 65 years suffering from endometrial cancer. Please, I want you to help me create a charitable project with the money that I inherited from my deceased husband who died in a motor accident.  I was brought up from a motherless baby's home and was married to my late husband for twenty nine years without a child.
My friends have plundered so much of my wealth since my illness and I cannot live with the agony of entrusting this huge responsibility to any of them anymore, so I sold all my inherited belongings and deposited all the sum of 9m Pounds with my bank. All I need is an honest person who will use at least %60 of the funds as I instructed, then the rest %40 will go to you for helping me accomplish this mission because donating this money to charity is the only legacy I can leave behind after my death. No money is required from you to carry on with this project because it is my heart desire to make a generous gift to you to work for a charity in your country, I don't mind if you are a Christian or Muslim, but I don't know if I can trust you because there are greedy and fraudulent people over the world. I will give you more details as soon as I hear from you.
Looking forward for your urgent response.
Mrs. Susan Read.

March 17, 2018


I intend to leave my money to you,am also giving my body to science for research.
I want this last act of mine to be an offering to GOD and humanity.
I'm diagnosed with laryngeal cancer,respond so i know you got this.
Bless you

February 17, 2018

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January 31, 2018

Commercial proposal by The Social Edge


By the way of introductions, my name is Francesco Thione, and I am reaching out today to introduce our social engagement platform, Contempo (the-social-edge.com). I would love to discuss a possible partnership that could help you increase the performance and growth of your social media channels. You already know this, but while your success as a social media curator and influencer is first and foremost due to your personality, popularity, charisma and your knowledge of your audience, there is a second and just as important factor: the richness and variety of the content you offer to your audience.

You got the first aspect down already! But the latter – as I am sure you have come to appreciate – requires constant and often tedious work, in order to keep a fresh, up-to-date content strategy that includes news, media, entertainment, business, and real-time information, especially when you need to take into consideration what is trending at any given time, and the fact that the interest and attention of your audience is shifting constantly. We have created Contempo to precisely help you on this aspect of your work as a social media influencer/curator.

Contempo uses real-time testing, machine learning and predictive recommendation technology to help you formulate and have access to the best and most exclusive content on the web, paired with a staff of expert writers in media, politics, fashion, learning, food, sport and all trending topics to serve your content needs. Depending on your needs, Contempo will be able to help you select, prepare and distribute content that is tuned, tested and recommended for your audience and customizable in accordance with your taste and style. We make it easy and more effective for you to find the best content, and to schedule content ahead of time with the best and most engaging articles. Automated scheduling and posting can even take care of much of the posting process on Facebook, Twitter, Email, or via any way you have to reach your audience.

Here's the thing: there is no charge to use our tool or to get help from our team. Even better, as a matter of fact we will pay you to use our platform. You did not read that wrong, you can get paid while our platform works for you. By using Contempo and the content you will find within it, you will be earning a referral commission based on the number of visitors from your audience who will click and read through the content you will be posting. The more engaging the content, the more of your audience will visit it, the higher the financial gain. Contempo (and our team's) sole purpose will be to make sure we supply and recommend to you the most interesting and engaging content possible – to ensure that we maximize the numbers of visitors from your audience that will visit the content.

In conclusion, if you are keen on developing a high growth, high engagement and high performing social channel, and want to maximize your possible earnings, please let me know with a quick and simple reply and I'll make sure that our office gets in touch with you to set sail on this partnership and register you as a premium influencer on our Contempo platform.

I wait for your answer


Francesco Thione, Account Manager, Influencers Outreach

The Social Edge

1001 Avenue of The Americas, Fl. 14, New York NY 10018
(347) 244-7437 / [c] (415) 812-4667 / [f] (917) 591-4391

January 07, 2018

Steven P.

I am a lawyer and financial director of a reputable firm operating out of Panama and Cayman island.
We provide discreet financial services for High Net worth Individuals, CEO's/Executives of Corporations and Senior Government officials Globally. What we do is legal and within the ambient of the law, but following the leakage of the infamous Panama Papers and subsequent treat by the  International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) to publish more details and release more information not included in the first leak. Our clients  are no longer comfortable, they want their accounts closed and their assets transferred out this Offshore location. They want their assets invested in the real sector of an economy in any part of the world that has good prospects.
We are looking for Manufacturers, Real estate developers, construction companies, oil exploration companies, mining companies ETC, that will be vetted to qualify for this fund injection. These funds will be given at a 0% interest, it is not a loan, rather it will be given as a tenured operational fund, and the investor is only interested on any agreed share of the percentage of profit declared, either quarterly or yearly.
Please write me only if you believe you or your organization can be assessed for qualification and consideration to participate in this program
Yours Sincerely,
Steven Pember.

October 29, 2017

RE: We grant loans to both cooperate and private entities at a low interest rate of 3% ROI per annum

We are a good reputable finance company privately looking for businessmen and women who will be willing to act as investment portfolio holders and administrators, as we are currently seeking means of expanding and relocating our business interest abroad by granting soft loans to both cooperate/private entities at a low interest rate of 3% ROI per annum in the form of Soft Loan in the following sectors: oil/Gas, banking, real estate, stock speculation and mining, transportation, health sector and tobacco, Communication Services, Agriculture Forestry & Fishing,thus any viable sector and we wish to re-invest this fund by putting it into the management of private businessmen and corporations with good business ideas.
The fund will be disbursed based on a clear Soft loan term of 3% interest rate per annum for 5 years renewable tenure. Please contact us directly on e-mail: investmentinfo11@gmail.com for more details.

October 24, 2017

Financial Instruments & Investment/Project Loan Funding.....

Dear Sir/Madam,
My name is Peter Smith, I work as an independent financial adviser/broker for a UK investment finance company.
our company can assist you in securing project and investment loan funding that can be used in any country from USD $5 Million - $USD250 Million per tranche with the option of multiple tranches for projects valued over $USD250 Million at a very competitive global rate ranging from 1.25% per annum; to aid you secure funds or to activate a credit line from your local bank in your country or any globally AAA+ rated banks or top investment house to fund your projects.
Our area of services specialisation focuses more on helping our clients
1. Securing Investment / Project Loan Funding
2. Leasing / Buying Bank instrument Bank Guarantee (BG) or Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC)) from any global rated AAA+ rated banks.
3. Monetisation of already issued bank BG or SBLC up to 90% of the total face value.
Kindly contact us today and let us know which is our services you are interested in and we will be glad to assist you.
Mr. Peter Smith
Director: Harrow Financial Services (UK) Limited
Email: harrow.fsl@gmail.com, harrow_fsl@yahoo.com

July 31, 2017

From: Mrs. Loren Tejan

From: Mrs. Loren Tejan
Dear beloved One,
Greetings, I am Mrs. Loren Tejan, the widow of late diplomat Dr. H. Tejan. I am about 69 years old, suffering from pancreatic cancer. 
My condition is really bad and it is quite obvious that I won't live more than three months according to my doctor. I am willing to donate the sum of Eight million five hundred thousand United States dollars (8.5m) through you in other to help the poor, widows and the less privileged and to carry out other charitable works.
If you are interested get back to me for further discussion through my private email address:  tejanloren@yahoo.com
Best regards,
Mrs. Loren Tejan

June 25, 2017

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